Friday, November 9, 2012

Time is flying by...

Getting ready to worship!!
I am finding it really hard to believe that we are already over half way down with our lecture phase of DTS!  The time here is flying by!  We just arrived back at our base today after spending the week in Talladega, Alabama for the YWAM Southeast Conference!  It was a really great week!  There were about 10 different bases there equally about 400 people total!  The teaching of the week was lead by a guy named Paul Hawkins and he spoke on the Nature and Character of God!  (If you ever get the chance to hear him speak live or from an audio...DO IT!)  My mind was literally blown after every teaching!!!! (The week was recorded and I will get a copy if anyone is interested in hearing it I would be happy to pass it along!) I want to share some key points that he spoke on this week:

- First thing he pointed out is that, what you believe about God determines what you believe about   everything else.  
- Cool thing is God awakes us every morning!  He knows our schedules and will make sure we are up on time if we just trust Him!  No need for alarm clocks!  (I have started doing this and sure enough every morning that I wanted to be up to have quiet time and get ready for breakfast I was awake at pretty much exactly 6:45 every time!!!)
- Jesus did not die just so we could be saved.  He died to restore the broken relationship with man!  God's heart is for relationship with us!  
- God gives us righteous desires so He can bless us by fulfilling them! 
- We are all spirits living in a body! We are spiritual!  There is nothing concerning reality that is not spiritual.
- We build and maintain relationship between regular and consistent 2 way communication!  Do not only talk to God, but listen to Him!  He wants to talk to you! (Hearing His voice is not a gift, but a skill that is developed!)
- God is personal! He is a person!  
- A suffering of the righteous opens the door of grace for the undeserving!
Love these guys!
- The root of faith is the knowledge of a person!  We must get to know God! Know= most intimate relationship with a person (God).  Genesis 4:1 "Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, 'I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.'"

This is just an extremely small part of the teaching!  I was going to try and pick points through my whole notes but there is just a bunch to go through right now!  As I mentioned earlier if you would be interested in hearing more on this teaching just let me know!  

Another amazing part about this week was the worship!!! Bryce Anderson was the worship leader and he did an incredible job!  I would recommend looking up some of his songs!!! 

It was such a great week!  On top of all of the great teachings and worship I also realized how God has blessed me with such amazing brothers and sisters as well!  My sisters and brothers were always eager to help me out when I was struggling and ready to take people out if I said the word (of course that was not needed lol)! However I felt so blessed to know I have these brothers and sisters in my life!!! 

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