Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mind Blown!

Talk about one intense week! How about the topic of Spiritual Warfare!  This is probably one of the least favorite topics for most Christians but when in reality it is such an uplifting subject!!  A crazy fact is that we all are living in spiritual warfare whether we want to admit it or not.  There really is a devil and demons.  People really can be possessed and attacked! BUT, THE POWER OF GOD IS SO MUCH GREATER!!! Half the battle of spiritual warfare is realizing it exists!

We watched Dean Sherman's videos on this topic and when all was said and done I ended the week with 13 pages of notes!  My mind was blown after every teaching!  It was a great encouragement to me to have spiritual warfare put into perspective!  Since I have been here I have developed a real hatred towards the devil!  I knew going into this week that I wanted God to work through me to save people from the lies and bondage from the devil but I was a little fearful about what it was going to consist of.  So the perspective I got from the teaching this week really gave me confidence!  It is so crazy that even the devil knows he is defeated but he also knows that people believe the lies he feeds them and don't know the power they have in Christ!  As a believer in Christ if you ask/command anything in the name of Jesus all demonic forces must bow and allow your prayer to be answered!  The thing is as a Christian we have to take that authority and exercise it!  If we don't the devil will just keep up his works and putting on his shows.

A big question that is commonly asked by people everywhere, believers and nonbelievers is if God is so loving why is there so much bad in the world?  I got the answer to this question this week!  It is because God is also just!  If he did away with one murder or one rape He would have to put an end to not only all murders and rapes but all selfishness!  Selfishness is the source of a murder or rape so He would have to take it away.  Selfishness is a choice.  We choose to be selfish.  God has given us free will!  We have the power in this world with selfishness to make choices.  Just like we have the choice to love God and others!  More people will be saved by having the freedom to choose and overcome than they would if God took all evil out of this world!  However remember no one suffers forever unless they choose to!  Also God leaves evil to teach us!  God could have saved us from our sins and took us straight to Heaven but He didn't because He wants to teach us.  He did not plan for evil to enter the earth but since it is here He is using it to His advantage!  To save the lost!  As a believer of Christ we have the authority!  We must take the initiative and pray!  This will in turn release God's power.  Without God man can't do anything and without man God won't do anything!  The ball is in our court! It is to the degree and specificness with which we pray that God moves on the affairs of man! So next time you ask the question, why won't God do something? remember God is asking you the exact same question...why won't you do something???

There is so much I could write on this topic but I would just like to mention one more thing!  ANGELS EXIST!!! How cool is that to really think about and rap your mind around! When thinking in terms of spiritual warfare this is an important thing to remember!  Psalms 34:7 says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them."  We need to be as aware that angels exists as we are about the stuff we can see in a room, such as chairs.  There are plenty of other verses in the Bible where angels are mentioned!  It is just important to remember that the powers of God we have working with us is way greater than the enemy!  The Bible says nothing about being fearful of the enemy for a reason!  We don't need to be afraid with God we are victorious!  Be aware of evil but never impressed!!!

This topic just excites me so much! I am looking forward to living out God's will for my life!  I want to set people free from the lies and bondage of the enemy so bad!  No one needs to live under that!  We have a great God!  He loves everyone on this earth unconditionally!!! Just think how sad He is that there are so many people on this earth that don't know His love!!! I want to be used by God to bring these people to know His love and love Him back!

Well with all this excitement of the teaching I also turned 20 this week!!! I am so blessed to be surrounded by people that love me! I get to go home and see my wonderful family for Thanksgiving this coming week but for my birthday I got to spend it with my brothers and sisters here in Georgia!  I had a blast! I got so many cards from everyone here and I just felt so special!  My birthday was friday night so we were able to get off base and have some fun!  I love to ice skate so we went to the ice skating rink!  I think it is safe to say eveyone had a great time which made me really happy!  After one and a half hours of skating we headed back to the base stopping by Walmart to pick up some birthday cake ice cream!  When we got back we ate some ice cream and watched Monsters Inc.!! It was just a fun night!  Then saturday night we got all dressed up for fun and went to a mexican restaurant for supper!  And this morning we went again to Passion City Church which is always a good time!  It was just a pretty great birthday weekend all together!!!  I am so blessed! :)

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