Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Life...

This beautiful baby girl was recently rescued one day after she
was born.  Her mother died during birth and she hadn't eaten
since she was born.  Thankfully she is now in the care of the
orphanage and is gaining weight!
Sometimes the realities of life are very hard to deal with.  For the past month I have had my share of difficulties.  I have had my heart broken and betrayed by those who once called me their friend.  It is very difficult to go against the normal.  I not only get judged for being a believer but I also have very different dreams than the average American.  I'm not in college, I don't have a job and I dream to one day live in a third world country.  Most American's would call me crazy and as hard as things may be right now I have faith that one day I will meet those that have the same passions as me and will stand by me no matter what.  All of this has been a great struggle filled with so many ups and downs but ultimately I am so grateful for everything that has happened in my life so far.  I am stronger than ever and very excited about the path that I am on.  Times can be very tough but ultimately it is important to remember God is good!  He brings people in and out of our lives for good reason and for a specific purpose.  I look back at the past and even though there are some things I would classify as mistakes I know that without everything that happened I would not be the person I am today.  We can all focus on the bad in life...we all know that is easiest.  But it is the wonderful things in life that we really need to focus on!  I have found that working out is a great escape for me and I have devoted myself to it during these challenging times.  I have been working out twice a day to clear my head.  I have also just recently applied to YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Atlanta, Georgia.  If i get accepted I will spend 3 months in Georgia taking classes on how to further develop my relationship with the Lord!  After the 3 months I will then take an overseas trip with my classmates for 2 months to apply what we've learned.  I am very excited and hope I get the opportunity to participate on this journey and hope that this will be a great opportunity to meet those with similar passions.  Africa is obviously very big on my heart so any pictures on Facebook of children in Burkina Faso always make my day!  I love getting to talk to those in Burkina as well.  Being able to talk to people half way across the world is by far my favorite part about Facebook!  It makes me feel so loved when I am asked constantly when I am coming back!  I may not have that answer but I know it will be so worth the wait!