Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dream Big!

I'm sure everyone has heard the saying, "The Lord works in mysterious ways" many times, but it is so true!  Growing up I loved softball! It is practically all I did and I had some big dreams!  I dreamed of one day moving out of the state of Missouri to some big D1 college like the University of Washington or UCLA (any of the top softball schools as I was growing up) and then my dreams got even bigger than that!  I wanted to play on the USA Olympic softball team and travel the world!   These were some pretty significant dreams I had but I was hopeful!  However, God didn't have the same plans for me.  Eventually injury after injury took me down to where it was just too painful and no fun to play anymore.  So I started at MU with no softball scholarship and all previous dreams completely crushed....or were they?  Next thing I know I am no longer in college and on a plane to Burkina Faso, Africa!  Step number 1 in traveling the world!  And now I am just over a month away from moving to Georgia, where I will be spending 3 months connecting with others and the Lord.  After this I will be spending 2 months in another country (either in South American or Asia)!  It is crazy for me to think that I will be moving out of Missouri for a brief period of time and am traveling the world!  Two dreams I have always had just not the way I had pictured but the way God had always planned!

Please pray for my friends in Burkina Faso! Some of the boys from the orphanage I visited were in a car accident and even though they are recovering remarkably they still have a little ways to go!  They also keep reliving the crash over and over and could use some peace of mind.  For the story and updates you can click on the Sheltering Wings tab on the right side of the page.

This beautiful baby girl below that I mentioned in my last post passed away a few days ago to join her mom in heaven so please be praying for those that were close to her as well!