Sunday, November 4, 2012


Last week we had a wonderful couple come to our base and teach on Destiny!  They are such an inspirational couple of God!  Their ministry is called Streams of Mercy where they sponsor orphanages and medical clinics all over the world!  They not only sponsor these places but they build relationships with these places and the children!  It was very awesome for me to know that God creates ministries like theirs that provide financial need to orphanages!  So if I have my own orphanage one day then I could possible partner up with a ministry like this and not have to necessary deal with the financial part of it!  Visit their website:

Something to think about: There are 143 Million orphans in this world but there are more Christian families.  If every Christian family adopted 1 orphan there would be no more orphans in this world! 

Them just coming was great but the teaching was also so wonderful too!  Destiny is a pretty fun thing to talk about when you know God is in control of it!  He didn't sugar coat any of it however!  He informed us the road to destiny is paved with brokenness, humility and dying to self! It is important to know that following God doesn't always mean everything will be awesome all the time!  There will be plenty of trials and hard times but everything will be worth it!

God's destiny will not be magnificent in the eyes of the world!  Worldly things won't matter when you only care what God thinks of you and no body else!  Jesus died for us and we must daily die to ourselves for Him!

Today we are off to Talladega, Alabama to spend the week at the YWAM southeast conference!  Here we will be with all the YWAM bases in the southeast and will be taught on the Nature and Character of God!  I am looking forward to this topic and continue to build a more intimate relationship with my Father!

God has already changed my life so much!  I am filled with Joy!  I have come to realize I need to embrace the person God created me to be and not look to be anything else!  With this I have become a much more confident person and very happy! I feel so blessed to have been given the wonderful people in my life that I have and to be who I am!  God made everyone in His perfect image!  I realize now that it is an insult to God to speak badly about yourself! He made you and you are wonderful!

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