Friday, October 19, 2012

Growing Passions!!!

DTS students and staff with out guest speakers!
This has been a crazy but very fun week!  The week started off on Tuesday for us and flew by!  I really felt God stirring my passion for my orphanage in Africa one day!  We started it off with a couple talking about sexual identity!  This was an interesting topic in which the couple talked a lot about how different factors from childhood can really affect you as you grow up.  Even things from the time you were in the womb can affect you, such as smoking, being an unwanted pregnancy, and being the opposite gender your parents wanted.  I found myself really thinking about my possible future orphans during this teaching!  I realized that with all children coming from broken backgrounds that this would definitely be an issue that I would see.  I started to take notes on different things she was saying on how to deal with this kind of stuff and I got super excited that one day I will really be able to help kids out!!!  This was just the beginning of God's passion stirring in me!

Kids and I at Clarkston!
On Wednesday one of the leaders here on base taught to us on Pride and Humility!  A big topic that many people (being human) struggle with!  This was an interesting topic for me because of my battle on finding out who God made me to be.  It really started me thinking more into who I am suppose to be and I am still struggling with this right now so I still haven't totally figured things out.  The really exciting part of my day though was that a former staff member showed up and he is originally from Ghana!  I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him at lunch and I am so glad I did!  I was telling him how I have been to Burkina Faso and that I felt God wanted me to start an orphanage one day.  Being a loyal man to his country he told me that Ghana was a lot better than Burkina Faso (mostly because it is cooler) and he wanted me to go there someday!  He also mentioned that from the U.S. with the help of his pastor in Ghana they were trying to start an orphanage there!  This was super exciting news to me because I am open to traveling anywhere in Africa and Ghana borders Burkina Faso so I could potentially visit both of them in the same trip!  This really continued to stir my passion!

Wednesday evening we all took a trip to Clarkston, GA (the most diverse square mile in the US) to tutor kids! This was really amazing too!  By the time we got there they were all pretty much down with their homework but we all had a blast playing with them!  They were all over us!  I had several girls doing my hair and then girls wanting piggy back rides!  It was great!  I am looking forward to making that a weekly outreach!

Thursday we found out that all of us are going to ARGENTINA for outreach!!! This was super exciting news for me!  We will be flying to the capital of Argentina and then traveling to different bases until we reach the base in the very southern tip of Argentina.  It will be summer while we are there and there will also be penguins roaming around! :)

The teaching Thursday and Friday were on Biblical Worldview!  It was a topic that really got me thinking about how I view the world!  I am very big on racial equality but I definitely want to make sure that every aspect of the world I look at through the view of God's word!

Each week brings more challenges but also so much JOY!! I am very excited to continue to see the work of God here!  I would just like to ask for prayer for some of my friends here who need some major money by Sunday to stay here with us!  We have an amazing group of people here and I would really be sad if anyone were to leave!  We have faith that God brought us all here for a reason and that He will surely provide but prayer never hurts!! Thank you all so much :)

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