Saturday, October 27, 2012

Falling in Love!

"Intimacy with God" was the topic for this week and what a great week it was!  It blows my mind how many Christians are in this world but don't have an intimate relationship with the Lord!  We had our own base leader teaching on this topic, which made it even better!  She has an amazing love for the Lord, which was very inspiring!  Through the first couple of days of the week I was feeling a little down and felt I needed to really take time to spend with the Lord.  So, Wednesday afternoon I felt that I needed to stay home from going to tutor the kids in Clarkston and just spend that time with God!  I spent around 3 hours that day reading my Bible and praying to God.  I felt so refreshed and so excited!  I actually enjoyed the time so much and couldn’t wait to make that a more regular thing!  Thursday afternoon I didn’t feel so much as I need to read but that I needed to worship!  I wanted to be able to sing but not have anyone hear me so I thought about where I could go.  I had heard some people mention a trail in the woods on the property so I decided I would check it out!  It was awesome!  I spent time singing and worshiping God in the woods that He created!  My excitement just continued to grow!  As of this week I really have started to love the Lord on a whole new level!  Our relationship still has a whole lot of growing to do but I felt that we made a huge stride this week!  I so look forward to the times I have set aside for Him!!! I would strongly encourage everyone to take time and really let God search your heart and reveal to you what you need to do become more intimate with Him!  It’s worth it! 

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