Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Through the Open Door!

Well I walked through the door the Lord opened up for me Sunday!  Full of nerves, sadness and excitement I moved in and and got settled into the YWAM Atlanta base!  I had no idea what to expect but I knew that if it is from God then it must be good!  I came into this thinking that I knew who I wanted to be, which was more outspoken and talkative person.  I thought that would be fairly easy with the Lord's help and being around people that have never met me before so I could be anyone I wanted to be.  So I arrived and that is not how things went at all.  I can say with pretty much certainty that I am the least outspoken and talkative girl here!  It was kind of depressing!  However thanks to my amazing mom and a friend I was reminded that it is ok.  It may be hard but it is ok.  There is a reason!  I think that God is really going to show me who I am while I am here and allow me to get rid of the person I have tried to be for so long and failed!  I feel like I have held people's opinions with too much value for far too long and it is time to find the person I truly am!   It is going to be hard because it seems to me that those that are the most outspoken are the ones that have the most friends and get along with others the best so it will be a lot of work for me but I know I can trust the Lord!  Each and everyone of us here are very different, we all have our different stories, personalities and interests.  It will be really interesting to me to see how God fits us all in together because being honest, in everyday life the mix we have probably all wouldn't be friends.  I know God can do great things though and I know He has good things in store.  I have many new friends and I can't wait to see where there Lord takes us all!!! 

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