Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amazing Little Ones!

Baby Arouna!  He is an incredible miracle of God!  Many may
know his story but for those who don't, Arouna's mother died
in birth and many times in Burkina Faso they believe that the
death of the mother is the baby's fault so the baby is normally
discarded and forgot about.  Arouna was 3 days old when his father brought him to the orphanage and hadn't had any food for those first 3 days of life.  Now with the mother being gone the father or any other family member can not normally afford formula because it is typically more expensive than what they even make.  While my mom and I were in Burkina Arouna was only 1 month old and he was just so tiny!  I was given the opportunity to feed him once and I ended up having to give him to one of the baby caretakers because it was very difficult to keep him awake to drink his entire bottle!  However this was key to keep him gaining weight!  Now Arouna is 6 months old and even though he is behind he has come a long way!  Unfortunately he still has a long ways to go!   He can see which is great!  But, Arouna can not yet hold up his head, sit up or grasp things like a typical 6 month old would be able to do.  Please pray that this precious miracle baby continues to defy the odds and catch up to the rest of his age!

This is baby Christiane!  She is also a presious little one that I had the privelage of meeting while my mom and I were in Burkina Faso!  As you may be able to tell in the picture that I took (right) she is cross eyed.  She is now 12 months old (below)!  She has one good eye that tracks well but she is in danger of losing her sight in her crossed eye.  There is a surgery that she may be able to have later in life but unfortunatly it is unlikely that the surgery is even offered in Burkina.  Please pray that this little girl gets the care that she needs to keep her vision!

It seems like just yesterday I was there with these beautiful babies but they are all getting so big!  I can not even imagine how big they are going to be when I finally get back there!  

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