Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time Flies...

Fun illustration for sharing your faith! 
It is hard to believe just 3 months ago I was sitting here in my living room getting ready to start a whole new adventure.  And what an amazing 3 months it has been!  Last week we had a guy named Bob Felder come speak to us on evangelism.  This was such a refreshing week because many people (including myself) think of it in a negative light but he brought a whole new perspective to it.  Evangelism is all about sharing the good news!  We as Christians have the best news ever to share so evangelism just means us as Christians sharing the good news!  Our good news is priceless and God's plan!  The best part of all is God goes with us and He wants people saved more than we do!  People don't share their faith because of fear! However we tend to think fear is bad but in reality it is good.  Fear is an emotion that can be overcame!  It gives us the opportunity to be courageous!  We were taught a pretty easy way to share our faith called The Bridge illustration and with practice I hope to really put it to use one day.  We had the opportunity to practice last Friday as we went to The Underground in Atlanta to evangelize!  I set out with two of my friends to pray for people and share our faith!  This was still not an easy task, due to fear.  We got the privilege to pray for many people with which I hope we blessed greatly!  The hardest part is to go from prayer to talking about our faith.  One of my friends with me was able to talk to one guy about it and it was a really great conversation in which he was able to encourage the guy to keep pressing into the Lord.  It will take much practice to make the jump easier especially for myself who is quiet and reserved more so than some.  One of the groups had a great experience and lead a lady to the Lord!  As a whole we were able to bless many people and it was such an encouragement!

Ready to evangelize!!!
On top of this we have been busy getting ready for our outreach to Argentina!  We have seen some great miracles in this process as money has come in for more and more people on our team to go.  As of right now our whole DTS is going expect for 2 students and 1 staff.  Everyone still has the opportunity to go but as of right now we are in need of about $12,000 for everyone to go.  This is ultimately what we want and are praying that God's will will be done!  

As our lecture phase came to an end we were able to end it with a great Christmas party!  It was a great time where we were able to all relax and celebrate our time together!  We have become like family over these 3 months and I have enjoyed everyone so much!  This time has definitely forever changed my life!  God has done some amazing work in my life in these few months and I have so much more confidence and joy!  3 months ago I was really unsure of who I was.  I was believing lies that I should be some one other than who I was.  I should be more outgoing and talkative when thats not how I have ever been.  God really showed me that he made me just the way I am for a reason!  He has given me a gift of a soft, quiet personality and I shouldn't try to be someone else.  This revelation has in turn made me a more confident, happy person!  I also have my amazing friends to thank as well because God used them all to be such an encouragement to me speaking His truth into my life and reassuring me that it truly is ok to be the person God made me to be!

I am really happy to be back home though as well.  I never thought I would be so happy to be back in Missouri.  I am really looking forward to catching up with some people while I am back!  It will be a short visit with so much to do but a great one!  Then it will be off to Argentina for 2 months!  I can't wait!!!

Hanging out at the Christmas party! 

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