Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Crazy Adventure...

 I know it has been a while since I posted last and so much has happened since then!  Things have been very crazy as we are trying to prepare for our two-month outreach to Argentina.  We are in our last week of lecture phase and we will be all heading home for Christmas and then returning to head out to Argentina.  Since I last posted we had a week of teaching on Inductive Bible Study...

Highly Recommend!
In this week we learned all about how to get the most we can out of our Bibles.  The lady teaching on it was a South African lady named Retha.  It was so amazing to hear her read and talk about the Bible because she truly made it come alive.  She told stories from it as if they were from personal experience.  I know for me sometimes I forget that the Bible is a book of history about people just like you and me.  The people who wrote it were just like you and me.  This is something kind of hard for me to wrap my head around but she really showed me the Bible in a whole new light.  I definitely read the Bible differently now after hearing her teaching!  

Just this past Friday and Saturday we had a guy named Dean Sherman come and speak on relationships!  He is the same guy whose videos we watched on Spiritual Warfare a couple week’s prior.  It was a real privilege that he came and spoke to our DTS.  He is basically wanted by everyone to speak so he can be hard to get to come but I am so glad he did.  We crammed over a weeks worth of teaching in 2 days!  It was great!  Relationships are obviously very important!  They are in fact the most valuable thing in the universe and the only thing that is eternal (they have always been and will always be).   The one key message in the Bible is in 1 John 3:11 which says, “LOVE ONE ANOTHER!”  We have the ability to love and be loved because we were made in the image of God!  (side note: image=shadow, if the sun shines past God we are the result!)  Relationships are such a big deal that the one commandment that Jesus says is, “LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!”  That’s it.  Basically all the problems in this world are relationship problems (people thinking they are better than others, putting their self above others, whatever, it is relationship failures).  I could go on and on about this topic.  He does have a book on Relationships that I would highly recommend.  I haven’t read it yet but I do plan on it! 

Fasting our bed for a couple of nights in preparation
 for outreach!
Along with these teaching we have been doing quite a bit of outreach prep.  Unfortunately as of right now we only have 6 students and 1 staff for sure able to go on outreach out of a total of 11 students and 4 staff.  We are in need of about $23,000 total, which is due in less than a week.  We all know God is totally capable of bringing in all that money and would love if you could join us in prayer for it.  We have tickets purchased for those of us with our money in but for the rest they will have to be purchased as the money comes in so we are praying also prices don’t go up too much.  The flight booked now is scheduled to leave on December 30th and return on February 27th.  We will be spending the first month in Buenas Aires and the second month in Puerto Madryn.  We will be doing things such as speaking in churches, playing with children, helping at local YWAM bases, prayer walking and just open evangelism.  It will be such a great experience and we are really hoping everyone gets to be a part of it.  We have also started having a Spanish lesson before classes so hopefully we will be able to make a little conversation while there and really build relationships!  

If everyone that reads this could just pray for my DTS as we are preparing for outreach and waiting on funds I would appreciate that so very much.  If you feel lead by God to donate you can go to the link below and click on the pay pal donate button, write for purpose: Outreach and then type in the amount.  

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