Friday, May 25, 2012

Burkina Faso!

What an amazing experience!  It was unbelievably hot and difficult culture to jump into but the people are so incredible that everything negative doesn't even compare.  I met wonderful people of all ages that I can not wait to go back. 

Here are some boys that my Mom and I met.  They were playing a game of soccer and couldn't wait to get their picture taken!

This is one of the Orphanage Nurses that took care of me while I was sick.  She is an incredible person and is great at what she does!

This is me and the beautiful Astride!  She is the most amazing little girl that got adopted while we were there to a wonderful Italian family.  I hope to visit her again some day if her parents are willing. She touched my heart!

And this is Grace!  She is the little mommy of the bunch and not to mention adorable!  She was suppose to go home to a uncle but if no communication is made after a year she will be available for adoption!  Seriously who could resist that face!!

Amazing missionaries I met while over there!  We found a huge hollow tree as we were exploring and climbed inside!

After a crazy day of exploring I went into the babies room and found Windemy unhappy because he was hungry.  I was glad to pick him up love him and give him food.  Exactly what all the babies need!

Paco! She is a beautiful, full of energy one year old who returned to her village shortly after we returned home.  I can't wait to visit her and her village when I return to Burkina Faso.

Tiny baby Harouna!  He is definitely a miracle baby!  His mother died during born and her death was deemed this precious little babies fault.  Found at 3 days old he hadn't had a thing to eat since being born.  He is now very tiny but steadily getting bigger and is now 2 months old!

This is Moise wearing the shirt I brought over!  He is another one of those miracle babies.  After being dropped in a fire by his mother he has a burn on his head which has healed but has also suffered from sickness since arriving at the orphanage.  I almost missed out on meeting this little guy because a week before we arrived he faced death.  However thankfully the nurse was able to put an IV in him to save him.  I am glad to say he is doing much better and even popped some teeth while we were there!

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